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Curtain Call - June 2014

A newsletter for the Gretna Little Theatre Alliance

Annual Meeting Notes

Gretna Little Theatre held the Annual Meeting at C & E’s Restaurant Tuesday, June 10, to review the past year, elect members and officers to the Board of Directors, and announce plans for the coming year.

Attending annual meeting: Hal Shoemaker, Matt Pabo, Deborah Price Moran*, Bunny Eanes, Jeff Bailess*; Susan Ilconich*, Dan Taylour, Janina Shoemaker, Ashley Rayburn*, and Brenda Velarde.  *newly installed officers/members

Board of Directors
Jeff Bailess, Tim Bennett (vice president), Karen Coleman, Arlene Creasy, Bunny Eanes, Susan Ilconich, Deborah Price Moran (president), Matthew Pabo, Casi Price,
Ashley Rayburn (secretary), Hal Shoemaker, Dan Taylour, Dell Tyler,
Brenda Velarde (treasurer), Penny Waller, J. R. Wichter, and Marie Young.
Janina Shoemaker, Executive Director
Bobby Allen Roach, webmaster

We will be presenting Hansel & Gretel, that Grimm tale, Saturday June 21 at 7:00, and Sunday June 22 at 2:30, in the Gretna Center for the Arts.  It is a show intended for youngsters; please bring children and grandchildren, and neighbors’ children.

Each summer youth theatre workshop is different, with new challenges, and new participants. We are rehearsing for two weeks, and designing and building the sets, under the able direction of our stage carpenter, Charles Converse, assisted by several dedicated mothers. Janina Shoemaker is staging the show. The public is invited to appreciate the efforts of our young talent and to become more aware of the Center itself as the future home of Gretna performance and visual art.

This former mercantile and warehouse has been undergoing some basic foundation repairs, and has new windows installed. we are now raising funds for a new roof, and expecting to have the first floor air conditioned for the summer with a heat pump, courtesy of Doss Heating.

A donation of $5.00 is suggested; there are NO tickets, no posters, but we will have programs. 

Cast of Hansel & Gretel, rehearsal on set:
Madison Hedrick, Roman Hedrick, Ashlee Kopczenski, Abby Converse, Eden Ilconich, Michael Kopczenski, Devin Thompson, Walker Thompson, Grace Audrey Powell, (absent, Joseph Kopczenski)

Our second summer production is the Dolly Parton spectacle, Nine to Five, the Musical, currently in rehearsal with Brenda Velarde, music director. This show is based on the 1980 box office hit but with all new music by Parton. There are several roles yet to be cast* and interested persons can contact Janina Shoemaker, staging director (434 656 3637, please leave message) or stop by rehearsal evenings.  (* woman  30 – 50;  man, 25 – 35;  ensemble members.)  Amy Woosley is choreographer, and Tim Navis will accompany on piano.  Jeff Bailess is lighting designer, and Virginia Greer will handle sound.

Cast includes Deborah Price Moran as the efficient Violet, Brenda Strickland as the newly-divorced and never-employed-before Judy, and Penny Waller as the Texan warbler Doralee.  They are disgruntled employees of Consolidated Inc. working 9 to 5 under the egotistical Franklin Hart, played by Dan Taylour. Supporting these headliners are Glenn Waller, Phil Sterner, Claudette Collat, Emily Carvatt, Casi Price, Ashley Rayburn, Waverly Hubbard, Justin Janney, Johnathan Deshazor, Matthew Pabo and Sarah Miller.

We need at least 3 typewriters, 80’s vintage, 2 or 3 office chairs that swivel, and a twin bed,   LOANED not donated, thank you.

We continue to attract new people with valuable skills to the theatre. Of special note, Charles Converse has joined our efforts as Stage Carpenter, designing and building the centerpiece dumbwaiter for We Have Always Lived in the Castle, imagining and building the set pieces for Hansel & Gretel, and replicating the needed special pieces for Nine to Five, the Musical.  Charlie has also built clothing racks for our wardrobe inventory, repaired several holes in the second floor, and made small but handy additions to the scene shop (shelves), not to mention completely overhauling and organizing the scene shop.  His ideas push the envelope of our director’s visions to fruition.  Thank you, Charlie.

If you are willing to spend a few hours with inventory tasks, we need to continue sorting through our costumes, hats, and props. Watch for “work parties”, or contact Janina Shoemaker to schedule one.  Our goal is to have all “stuff” as neatly organized as the scene shop.

GLT Board Directors and cast members are selling raffle tickets raising funds for the roof replacement.  It’s a “good deal” any way you look at it.  $5 for a ticket, $50 for a book of ten, to win $500 in a drawing to be held during intermission of Nine to Five the Musical, and only 500 tickets printed.
It’s a “win-win”; you might win the $500, but in the meantime you are sharing in the renovation of “your Center for the Arts.”  (You do not need to be present at the drawing to win, but if you are, you’ll enjoy the show.)
To purchase tickets, or help sell them, contact Brenda Velarde, 434 335 5481 or 941 6881.

The Womack Foundation recently awarded Gretna Little Theatre a $5000 grant for theatre productions.  Thank you to the Womack Board for their continued confidence in us.  It is these funds that enable us to present live theatre and musicals with low general ticket prices. We are the bargain!

Please forward this newsletter to others who may wish to be involved.

There are some patrons who do not have email service. If you know someone who would be interested in our Curtain Call, could you print a copy and hand it on?

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