Thursday, September 18, 2014

Curtain Call: September

A newsletter for the Gretna Little Theatre Alliance
Summer is coming to an end and we are in the fall swing of events and activity.
Join us at the Theatre or the Center as volunteer or audience member.

October 24 – 26, Pat Cook’s hysterical comedy,

from now on known as “Crazy Ladies” to save space.
Featuring Jennifer Greer, Emily Carvatt, SuEllen Stracke, Dan Taylour, Kathleen Bryant, David Hudson, Maggie Greer, Natalie Spears, and Carrie Nordquist. Directed by Janina Shoemaker, set by Charlie Converse, Tech by Jim Nordquist. Props byTina Spears,

SuEllen Stracke, Emily Carvatt, and Jennifer Greer share a moment with Dan Taylour .
The story: the Ladies have lived together in the family homestead since becoming widows. They have idiosyncrasies. “These three sisters share that most cherished trait of a close family – they can sense each others thoughts and feelings. … when they do speak, they very often all talk at the same time, sounding like a gang of magpies.”

Their family friend and doctor has a new nurse who needs an inexpensive place to live. If she comes to live in their spare room, he will now have a helper to care for them, and prevent the daughter from moving them into assisted living elsewhere so she can sell the house. (Oh yes, there’s a stranger who provides the “dues ex machina.   That’s a theatrical term for unexpected ending.”)

Spanning several months, the fall season, this play gives opportunity to decorate the living room from the first fall colors, through Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas.

We will be partnering with the Alzheimer's Association Central & Western Virginia on this production to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care. support, and research.  Join us September 27th as we walk in Danville to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and Gretna Little Theatre.

This summer has seen some extraordinary changes in the rehearsal hall, the main floor of the Gretna Center for the Arts. A seating gallery has been built and new stage flats are installed, with a basic lighting grid. Thank you, Charlie Converse

Matt Doss has installed a new Lenox heat pump unit, thank you thank you. Matt and crew, and crew of Ross Electric.

On On September 13, we hosted a “Book Signing” “on the set of Crazy Ladies” for Theresa Gonsalves. She sold a lot of books, and we had a “full gallery” of folks to admire our efforts.

Coming next month, October 18th, at Old Timers Jubilee, we will be expanding our “Arts” mission to include an art show for anyone who wishes to display, another book signing for a Richmond author, plus selling our movie posters (donated by Donald and Marie Young), our archival vinyl records (donated by Josie Roell a long-time friend of Janina Shoemaker), and small wooden objects (made by Dell Tyler’s late husband, Don).

Also coming this month, our third annual Greater Gretna Talent Show on September 27th. Produced by Hal Shoemaker, this promises to bring back some of our previous artists, plus a new batch of down-home talent. This show will also be in the Center for the Arts, a more intimate venue, especially helpful for young talent. There is limited seating, from 30 to 50 so reservations are recommended. The $8 and $5 ticket prices for the show go directly to the Center’s Roof Replacement Fund.

Audition for the Talent Show is Saturday, September 20, from 2 – 4 p.m. in the Center. All variety show talent is invited, encouraged, and bring your music, or an accompanist, (we have a piano) and costume. Singers, prepare to leave your CD with the
director, to be returned after the show.

GLT is again offering a $5- $500- 500 Raffle for the Building Roof. Tickets will be available at the Talent Show and at Old Timers Jubilee. 500 tickets at $5 a piece, and the prize is $500. Drawing to be Sunday performance intermission of Crazy Ladies, and the winner does NOT need to present to win.

Keep watching our street side window for news of more improvements. Feel free to stop in to see what you can do, either with labor, or materials, or cash, to renovate this former grocery into a “black-box” entertainment space. Some demolition, some construction, some painting,

If you are willing to spend a few hours with inventory tasks, we need to continue sorting through our costumes, hats, and fabrics. Also need help in organizing the prop rooms.   Our goal is to have all “stuff” as neatly organized as the scene shop.  

Board of Directors
Jeff Bailess, Tim Bennett (vice president), Karen Coleman, Arlene Creasy, Bunny Eanes, Susan Ilconich, Deborah Price Moran (president), Matthew Pabo, Casi Price,
Ashley Rayburn (secretary), Hal Shoemaker, Dan Taylour, Dell Tyler,
Brenda Velarde (treasurer), Penny Waller, J. R. Wichter, and Marie Young.
Janina Shoemaker, Executive Director
Bobby Allen Roach, webmaster
Please forward this newsletter to others you may invite to be involved.
There are some patrons who do not have email service. If you know someone who would be interested in our Curtain Call, could you print a copy and hand it on?