Monday, July 20, 2015

Local Plumbers Wanted!

Annual Meeting:



Please notice the change in time. Gretna Little Theatre will take the stage at 6:30 p.m. to give a preview of our upcoming show, "Rockin' at the Hop".

Auditions for Fences to be held Saturday, July 25, 2015:

Gretna Little Theatre will hold auditions for August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama, Fences, this coming Saturday, July 25, at 2:00 at the Center for the Arts, 101 Main Street. The play has roles for 5 men, 1 woman, and 1 girl. The team of Tim Bennett, Karen Coleman, and Tremayne Oakes will produce and direct the drama for production October 23-25. All interested are encouraged to attend.

Acting experience is not necessary.

Troy Maxson, (played by James Earl Jones on Broadway) was a contender in his prime as a ball player for the Negro baseball leagues. However he was denied major league opportunity because of his race, and that denial has colored his subsequent life and relationships. The story picks up in 1957 as his son is scouted for college, and Troy finds himself the object of attention from a woman not his wife. His bitterness invades not only his soul but his home as well.

Gretna Little Theatre will share the stage at GretnaFest Friday, July 24, and answer questions about Fences and Rockin’ at the Hop . The community theatre will also have items for sale, including advance tickets for Rockin’.

Rockin’ at the Hop, a tribute to fifties music and dance, will open Friday, July 31, and play 3 performances at the Gretna Movie Theatre. The show is a fast moving revue of rock and roll with a dozen singer/dancers, a live rock combo, and music, music, music.

Tickets are $16 General admission, $12 Seniors and students, Advance tickets $15.

Contact Janina Shoemaker

Curtain Call July 20, 2015:

Mrs. Durant has been abandoned in the dental chair of Dr Winston, as he races to the apartment of his beloved, leaving his receptionist, Stephanie, to rearrange his appointments.
This laugh-filled show was our first major production in the newly remodeled Black Box performance space in the Center for the Arts. Starring Madalyn Mohamed as Stephanie, Jim Nordquist as Julian Winston, and Maggie Greer as Toni, with Matt Pabo, David Hudson, Waverly Hubbard, Casi Price, and Arlene Creasey (Durant) in supporting roles.

Coming Events:

GretnaFest: Join us as we celebrate the friendly folks of our home town in the first GretnaFest, sponsored by Danville Regional Foundation this coming Friday evening, 6:00 to 10:00 at the Galveston meadow near El Cazador. (405 North Main Street)

We’ll have tickets for Rockin’ at the Hop plus opportunity to visit with the cast, order the new GLT shirts, buy some 33 and 45 vinyl records, or have your face painted by Ashley. On exhibit, photo displays of 2015 productions to date, plus the 2016 Tentative Season. (Free admission)
Audition: Fences, by August Wilson, a Pulitzer winning drama, will be Saturday, July 25, at 2:00 p.m. at the Center for the Arts. Directed and produced by Tim Bennett, Karen Coleman, and Tremayne Oakes. Production dates: October 23-25. Roles for 5 men, 1 woman, 1 girl, seven.
Fences starred James Earl Jones as Troy Maxson, star of the Negro baseball leagues who now works as a garbage man in 1957 Pittsburgh. Excluded from the major leagues during his prime, his bitterness affects his relationships with his wife and sons.

"Rockin’ at the Hop" This anxiously awaited tribute to the tunes and dances of the 50’s explodes onstage at the Gretna Movie Theatre July 31, August 1, 2.** Created by Hal and Janina Shoemaker, with vocal coaching by Brenda Velarde, music arranged by Gretna guitarist John Mirando, (of Riverbottom John’s Pickin’ Den) a “live” rock combo, (The Blue Suede Dudes,) a dozen singers/dancers, be prepared for an evening of the original hits of rock and roll. Half of our cast knew the music before we started rehearsing, the other half are new converts to the jitterbug and do-wop.
Featuring, in no particular order, John Wilt, Deborah Moran, Paul Shelton, Mae Gayle Dalton, Ashley Rayburn, Maggie Greer, David Hudson, Hattiebelle Spigener, Carol Cundiff, Barry Cundiff, Matt Pabo, and Dan Taylour. Danny Farmer, bassist, and Adam Ilconich on drums.
Preview of the show at GretnaFest at 6:30. **Performances at the movie theatre are 7:30 Friday and Saturday, with a 2:30 matinee on Sunday. Tickets: General admission $16.00, Students and Seniors $12.00, Advance tickets $15.00 at GretnaFest.

Currently there is a 3 dimensional art exhibit in the front window at the Center. Wood and stained glass artwork by Carrie Roncaglione and pottery and sculpture artwork by Jennifer Leigh from the Color of Mud Farm. Walk by for viewing.

Our next ARTsy event will be music. Soon. On a Saturday night. Guitar pickin’s. The plan is to have the talent perform pro bono, free admission, but donations accepted. Open to the community, and coffee, cold drinks, and snacks for sale.

The Last Romance (by Joe DePietro) postponed from March,. A beautiful script of elderly longing for the something more than retirement. Musical snippets of glorious music mingle with comic dialog of family bickering and romantic desire. Featuring Steven Petrick, Jane Reid, Patsi Compton, and Mack Williams. Watch for announcement.

At the Annual Meeting of the membership, held July 15th, we elected the 2015 - 2019 Board of Directors and Officers. Deborah Price Moran continues as President, SuEllen Stracke is Vice President, Ashley Rayburn continues as Secretary, and Jim Nordquist is Treasurer.

Jeff Bailess, Susan Ilconich, Matt Pabo and Casi Price were returned to the Board. Carrie Nordquist was also elected to the board. The Founding Directors including Bunny Eanes, Janina & Hal Shoemaker, Joyce Trani, Brenda Velarde, and Marie Young.

Board meetings are open to the general membership. General membership is all who participate in productions, contribute sponsorship or donations to the Theatre & Center, or attend as audience. Meetings are called at the discretion of the President.

GLT has a new patron, and she is one of those persons the theatrical world calls "angels." Last month we received a check for $25,000 to be used for the renovation at the Center, starting with the upgrade of the bathrooms. Although she now lives elsewhere, this angel is from Danville and has ties to the Chatham and Gretna area. She learned of our expensive dilemmas and without a moment's hesitation, she wrote a check.

We deeply appreciate this gracious donation that came when we simply asked "Would you like to contribute?" We now have a dedicated quartette of Board Directors who are compiling a short wish list to responsibly assess our immediate needs, and prioritize the work.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GretnaFest: Preview of "Rockin' at the Hop"

Art Showcase in the Front Window

Wood and stained glass artwork by Carrie Roncaglione and pottery and sculpture artwork by J. Leigh from the Color of Mud Farm.

"Rockin' at the Hop" Poster

Rehearsal Photos form "Rockin' at the Hop"

Photos from "Rockin at the Hop" rehearsals. Pictured Left: Director Janina Shoemaker, listens as Paul Shelton sings. Pictured Right: Maggie Greer and Ashley Rayburn discuss their blocking for the next scene.