Monday, July 20, 2015

Auditions for Fences to be held Saturday, July 25, 2015:

Gretna Little Theatre will hold auditions for August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama, Fences, this coming Saturday, July 25, at 2:00 at the Center for the Arts, 101 Main Street. The play has roles for 5 men, 1 woman, and 1 girl. The team of Tim Bennett, Karen Coleman, and Tremayne Oakes will produce and direct the drama for production October 23-25. All interested are encouraged to attend.

Acting experience is not necessary.

Troy Maxson, (played by James Earl Jones on Broadway) was a contender in his prime as a ball player for the Negro baseball leagues. However he was denied major league opportunity because of his race, and that denial has colored his subsequent life and relationships. The story picks up in 1957 as his son is scouted for college, and Troy finds himself the object of attention from a woman not his wife. His bitterness invades not only his soul but his home as well.

Gretna Little Theatre will share the stage at GretnaFest Friday, July 24, and answer questions about Fences and Rockin’ at the Hop . The community theatre will also have items for sale, including advance tickets for Rockin’.

Rockin’ at the Hop, a tribute to fifties music and dance, will open Friday, July 31, and play 3 performances at the Gretna Movie Theatre. The show is a fast moving revue of rock and roll with a dozen singer/dancers, a live rock combo, and music, music, music.

Tickets are $16 General admission, $12 Seniors and students, Advance tickets $15.

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