Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Romance Synopsis

Our “Black Box” theatre is presenting a play about getting older, and family, and taking opportunities when we see them.  A romantic comedy.

Ralph meets Carol, who has a Chihuahua.

His sister, Rose, objects to this new friendship. 

But between Ralph and Carol is the specter of her husband.

And Rose has a shadow in her life, her husband, Tony, who she hasn’t seen in 22 years. Tony needs a divorce; his companion is sick and all she wants is to marry him.

This bittersweet play about men and women looking for companionship, and taking the chance of a bucket list moment, will charm you, and hopefully encourage you to take a chance too.

Setting: a dog park in Hoboken, New Jersey, present day.

As Ralph explains his feelings about La Scala, the famed opera house in Italy:

“We always talked about going, but – it was too expensive, too much trouble – we’d do it when we have time, we said, when we got older.

Funny, huh? You think you’ve all the time in the world, and then before you know it, time’s up.”

The Last Romance, by Joe DiPietro
September 18-20, tickets are limited, please call for reservations, 434 656 3637, and leave a message.
$10.00 General Admission, $8.00 Seniors and students

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