Friday, November 27, 2015

2016 Schedule:

ARSENIC & OLD LACE: The first show of the season is Joseph Kesserling’s comedy about two elderly spinsters who offer tea and sympathy to elderly bachelors. They are assisted in the final care of these gentlemen by their slightly off-center brother who believes with all his heart that he is Teddy Roosevelt, hero of San Juan Hill. The cast offers roles for three women and six men, plus a few “one-line” support roles for the bachelors. Michael Carter directs. Rehearsals begin in January, and the production is February 19 – 22.
DR COOK’S GARDEN: Jim Nordquist will direct Ira Levin’s suspense drama that uncovers more than flowers in the ornamental garden of this New England beloved physician. On a visit home, a young doctor drops in to thank his mentor, Dr. Cook, for his faith and support in sending him to medical school. But an angina attack sends the good doctor into a fatal discovery. Three men, two women. Rehearsals begin in March, for April 29, 30, May 1 production.
THE MIRACLE WORKER:   GLT scholarship awardee Ashley Rayburn directs this classic American family drama about the early education of Helen Keller by a young, just out of school, teacher, Annie Sullivan. Based on biographical details, we see the Keller family desperate for help in raising a sight and hearing impaired six-year old daughter. The miracle of water holds the key. Six women, six men, and several children. Rehearsals during May and June, production June 17 – 21.
STEALING HOME:   From the same pen as Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner, (Oct 2014) Pat Cook sends us “a frantic farce” of a mortuary about to go under, until robbed by a pair of mal-adjusted con-men. The plot is de-railed by family greed and accidental revelations. Who are the culprits? Who are the victims? The race to the finish is the bait & switch. Seven women, four men. Directed by Dr Hal Shoemaker , Rehearsals though July, Production August 5-8.
BLITHE SPIRIT: That British comedy smash hit by Noel Coward, a reckless dinner party lets loose a perfectly delightful pair of spirited ladies, Madame Arcati and Elvira. The spunky deceased wife of a strait-laced gentleman moves in, aided by the clairvoyant Arcati, and the mansion is bedeviled. No one anticipates the damage to be done; it’s classic British humour . Five women, two men. Directed by Janina Shoemaker, rehearsals in September for October 21-24 Production.

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