Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Miracle Worker: Reserve your tickets now!

William Gibson's The Miracle Worker will be presented at the Gretna Center for the Arts this weekend. Show dates and times are June 17th at 7:30 pm, June 18th at 7:30 pm, and June 19th at 2:30 pm. Seating is limited so please reserve your tickets by calling 1-540-423-2686.

                                     Margaret Greer (Annie) and Rebecca Craddock (Helen)
                   Top Row: Kelly Hofmann (Doctor & James) and David Hudson (Capt. Keller)
         Middle Row: Priscila Johnson (Aunt Ev), Eden Ilconich (Kate), and Margaret Greer (Annie)    
              Bottom Row: Malcolm Hofmann (Mr. Anagnos and Percy), Rebecca Craddock (Helen),
                                                              and Miranda Russell (Martha)
Margaret Greer (Annie) and Malcolm Hofmann (Mr. Anagnos)