Friday, July 29, 2016

Stealing Home

Gretna Little Theatre, in partnership with Simpson Funeral Museum, will present Stealing Home August 5, 6, at 7:30, and a matinee on the 7th at 2:30 at the Gretna Center for the Arts, 101 Main Street. 


Stealing Home, Pat Cook’s very funny situation comedy (same playwright who gave us Those Crazy Ladies, 2014,) takes place in the reception lobby of Green Meadows Funeral Home.  Cecil and Pug manage to break into the Meadows Funeral Home one evening, only to be discovered in the act by Officer Doughberg, who happens to be sweet on the technician, Joan.  Before Doughberg can book the boys, Mama Meadows identifies Cecil as her long lost son, Jimmy.  However her three daughters refuse to acknowledge him; they want to sell the Home, and his presence upsets that plan.  The resolution turns on an event 25 years in the past.  


Matthew Pabo and Cody Jones play the culprits, with SuEllen Stracke as the Mama. Emily Carvatt, Madalyn Mohamed, and Sarah Miller are featured as the sisters, with David Keatts, Casi Price, Janet Lambert, and Debra Thompson adding to the confusion. Andy Jones is the lawyer who has the necessary ID.  Hal & Janina Shoemaker direct, Susan Hunt is stage manager, Adam Ilconich lighting.


Tickets are $15.00 general admission, $10.00 students, seniors, and military.  Seated is limited; reservations recommended. Susan Ilconich, Box Office manager.  Call 540 423 2686.

The Simpson Funeral Museum will display their 1941 Packard Hearse at the Gretna Center for the Arts during the opening day of the production. Acquired from its original owner, this hearse was in service for 66 years at a funeral home in Syracuse, NY, and has won numerous national car show awards.  It is one of the featured exhibits at the Chatham museum.  A favorite of museum visitors is a fully-restored 1876 horse-drawn hearse. Over 1100 man hours spanning two years of work went into the full restoration of the hearse, from the original silk interior to the sterling silver lamps.

The Simpson Funeral Museum serves as a historical resource to provide the public a with learning experience on the history of funeral service on the original site of the first funeral home in Chatham, Virginia, in the late 1800’s.  The embalming exhibit features a replica of a 19th century embalming room with all the equipment and surgical supplies needed for embalming in the family’s home, which was customary during that era.

The Shoemakers naturally went to Mr. Simpson to borrow props for the production.  The museum is open to the general public Wednesday through Friday from 10am to 2pm, and Saturday from 9am to noon.

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