Monday, July 11, 2016

Up Coming Events

The Gretna Little Theatre has a few up coming events that are sure to peak your interest.

Lettice & Lovage   July 15   Readers Theatre at Reid Art Gallery, Chatham
Janina Shoemaker, Deborah Price Moran, Alisa Davis, & Hal Shoemaker
One performance only, benefits youth art workshops and classes. Comedy.
Lettice Duffet, an art expert on Elizabethan cuisine and medieval weaponry, as well as architecture and theatre, crosses swords (excuse that, it’s an axe) with Lottie Schoen, an inspector of the (British) Preservation Trust. In verbal battle, the two women cover well known historical persons, Mary, Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, King Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, and little known John Fustian.   Presented in Readers Theatre mode.
Ticket reservations recommended. Limited seating.  $10.00 Contact Alisa Davis,

Pizza-Work Party   July 16   Center for the Arts, 10:00
Calling all theatre members to a special house-cleaning party. Invest some sweat equity and do your community theatre a big favor. Good weather, good company, and a good feeling when we’re finished. Spear-headed by President Deborah and Gadget Kelly, with full hearted support from Exec Janina. Lunch provided.

Interviews for a Readers Theatre fall Coffee House, The Orphans by James Prideaux.
Two charming eccentric heiresses, their attorney, a “cousin” Ronald, a hotel manager, & a lady-of-the-evening. Comedy. Call 434 656 3637.
Coffee House  “Her Majesty’s Rejects”    Comedy Theatre Troupe
July 23, 7:30 at the Center
“Think … “Shakespeare in the Park” meets Shreck meets Monty Python meets the Muppets – only much much more!” So says the playbill on this novel addition to the GLT family of events. Family? Yes, "it is a colorful vaudeville style depiction of Greek theatre and mythology, a fun experience for the entire family."
Admission is free, but Seating is Limited. Come early… Donations welcome…
Coffee for a Buck and snacks available.

Matt Pabo and Cody Jones; Casi Price, Emily Carvatt*, SuEllen Stracke*, Andy Jones; David Keatts, Sarah Miller, Janet Lambert, Debra Thompson; (Madalyn Mohamed, not pictured)
Stealing Home, now in rehearsal; Pat Cook’s very funny situation comedy. (same playwright who gave us *Those Crazy Ladies, 2014) This comedy takes place in the reception lobby of Green Meadows Funeral Home, with wacky characters in even wackier situations. The resolution turns on an event 25 years in the past. Co-directors Hal & Janina Shoemaker. Production August 5-7.
Stealing Home Cast

Greatest Generation “Auditions” Ongoing… call 434 656 3637 to be included
Now known as the Greatest Generation, the veterans and families of WWII sang and danced to the Big Band music of the 1940s. Many of the hits of this era are now in the popular American Songbook. Hop down Memory Lane with us as we prepare for a September 9-11 festival of the best music from the 40’s sung by our patriotic and romantic song stylists. This is a “Do-it-Yourself” spectacular. Musicians: choose your music, song, melody, from the “100 Greatest Popular Songs of the 1940s,” rehearse it and bring it to the stage, when you will be incorporated into the festival.

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