Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Her Majesty's Rejects returns

Beware Ladies and Gentlemen,
 Her Majesty's Rejects returns to GLT for another night of fun and laughter. If you are unaware of who they are, this comedy troupe is made up of Kelly Hofmann, Malcolm Hofmann, Maggie Greer and David Hudson. They are  improve comedy and well worth the FREE admission at the Gretna Center for the Arts located at 101 Main Street in Gretna, VA. Since this is a Coffee House series there will be snacks, soda, water and of course coffee. Warning: if you decide to come (which I strongly encourage you to do), there will be much laughter and you might even find yourself on stage. So for good fun and laughs and to just have some plain old fun with people you may or may not know COME ON OUT AND SEE THEM!

Maggie Greer, David Hudson, Malcolm Hofmann and the other guy, what was his name? Oh yeah Kelly Hofmann

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