Thursday, November 17, 2016

Changes to Gretna Little Theatre

Hello fans of Gretna Little Theatre!

 Just wanted to update you on a few things that we are working on here at GLT. There has been some changes that you may not have known about, the first is that our Co-Founders Hal and Janina Shoemaker have since retired to Florida where they plan to enjoy the sun, the beach and each others company. We here at GLT bid them plenty of well wishes and luck on their new experiences.

Second, we have new Board members; Kelly Hofmann, David Hudson and Maggie Greer. We welcome these new recruits and are looking forward to sharing these wonderful people with you.

Next, we will be working on our building to make it handicapped accessible, this would include new doors on the building, ramps, etc. If you would like to donate to this cause please mail donations to Treasurer, Gretna Little Theatre, 209 Mountain Top Court, Lynch Station, VA 24571. We are a 501 (c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible.

We are currently planning our 2017 Season and hope to be able to share that with you soon, in the mean time we are currently looking for volunteers. We are looking for people to hang posters for productions, help with set building, painting, cleaning and organizing. Come out and help even if only for a few hours, you can really make a difference. We also give community service credits.

Gretna Little Theatre is run solely by volunteers. Our actors, singers, dancers, directors and lighting are all volunteers and are happy to share with you their experience. No experience necessary! If you would like to learn technical aspects of the theatre such as; lights, set building, set design and props we are here to help. No matter how much or little Gretna Little Theatre needs you!

Another thing we are working on is our ticket sale options so stay tuned.................

Check out our new Calendar of Events..... link it to your Google Calendar and see when we are having events!

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Gretna Little Theatre has a new email address. If you would like more information on GLT or any events that we are having please email us at This includes ticket reservation made by email also.
Beware Ladies and Gentlemen,
 Her Majesty's Rejects returns to GLT for another night of fun and laughter. If you are unaware of who they are, this comedy troupe is made up of Kelly Hofmann, Malcolm Hofmann, Maggie Greer and David Hudson. They are  improve comedy and well worth the FREE admission at the Gretna Center for the Arts located at 101 Main Street in Gretna, VA. Since this is a Coffee House series there will be snacks, soda, water and of course coffee. Warning: if you decide to come (which I strongly encourage you to do), there will be much laughter and you might even find yourself on stage. So for good fun and laughs and to just have some plain old fun with people you may or may not know COME ON OUT AND SEE THEM!