Monday, April 6, 2020

It is with our deepest regret to inform you of the passing of one of our founders. Hal Shoemaker.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

"Songs of Frank Sinatra & The Big Band Sound"

Come hear mostly new Frank Sinatra classic hit songs!
My 15th One-Man show performance ... The Gretna Theater was where I started in Fall 2016 with the 1st One-Man Show featuring the "Songs of Frank Sinatra & the Big Band Sound".
The March 1st one-man show is a fundraiser for the Gretna Little Theater!
Come support the performing arts in the beautiful town of Gretna, VA and enjoy the ambiance of the gorgeous Gretna Theater!
Please call The Gretna Theatre at (434) 656-3377 for ticket information!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Inside the Theater Curtains
by Kelly Hofmann, Writer & Director at Gretna Little Theater                                                        January 23, 2020

Gretna Little Theater announces it’s 2020 Season, and Gives a shout out to Shy but Talented Performers!

              Williem Dafoe was credited with saying: “Great Theater is about challenging how we think, and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to . . .” For a man who has portrayed some of the most iconic characters in hollywood screenplays, not to mention numerous nominations for prestegious film awards-he clearly has a grasp on the ideals of the theater. And following a successful season in 2019 including a youth workshop production, a musical tribute and a 3 man cast showcasing quirky characters, the members of GLT are thrilled and ready to take on whats next.
              Looking forward in 2020, Gretna Little Theater has definetly challenged it’s performers to fantasize about a world where stories can be told using only sound, where a cast of four can entertain a crowd as well as a cast of 40, and where visitors such as Shakespeare and the Mad Hatter can transport an audience to strange and exciting places.
              To throw out the first pitch of the season, GLT will be performing Laddy Sartin’s dramatic play “Catfish Moon”, which tells the story of three lifelong friends as they confront the changes of life while frequenting their favorite haunt-an old fishing pier they’ve been visiting since they were children. Circumstances become excited when relationships prove to be too close for comfort, leading to a comical yet tense playing out of the story. Performance dates for this show will be February 14th -16th and 21st- 23rd.
              Next, spring will have us revisiting a thriller with the great storyteller Alfred Hitchcock, as we enjoy a Live Radio Play. Actors will portray characters right on the GLT stage in the style of the 1930’s, complete with sound effects, stage lighting and other special effects. The “Vintage Hitchcock Live Radio Play” will air April 24th-26th.
              And summer wouldn’t be the same without our annual GLT Youth Production. This year we will be featuring a brand new adapted script of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” written by our own GLT members. This fresh and colorful take on the Bards fantasy classic will be highlighted by our talented local youth from kindergarten through High School. The GLT stage will come alive with creative costumes, lively scenery and the imagination of our young thespians. Dates to be announced on GLT’s Facebook page. All youth are invited to join and find their place in this wildly beautiful production.
              October will be brought to life during the cool evening air as we present “Ghosts of Greater Gretna”, a look at historical figures from Gretna’s (and surrounding area’s) past. This walking tour experience will performed in a most interesting manner, while guiding patrons to develop appreciation for their community and it’s colorful past. Dates to be announced.

              Finally as November breezes in Gretna Little Theater will be brought to life in a storybook of sounds, colors and lights, as we follow up our 2017 production of “Alice@Wonderland” with “Alice through the Lookinglass (and what she found there)”. This retelling of mathematician, photographer and witer Lewis Carroll’s 1871 masterpiece is guaranteed to excite people and children of all ages as well as entertain with humor and special effects. All are encouraged to try out for this fun community project. Dates to be announced on GLT Facebook.

As we anticipate these productions, a great deal of talent and competants will need to be recruited to reinforce our already talented but meager group of regular GLT volunteers. But we’re not looking for just anybody. We want YOU. . .yes you know who YOU are. Perhaps you used to sing or dance in high school or in college but you haven’t dusted off you dancing shoes in years. Or perhaps it’s on your bucket list to perform in front of an audience but you didn’t think you’d ever get that opportunity. Or maybe you love to sing. . .but you’ve never tried out for a talent show or you wowed audiences back 10, 20 or more years ago. . . Don’t you want to feel that thrill again-or for the first time? To be under the lights, audience in eager expectation just waiting for you to entertain them. And you don’t need to be the best dancer, we’ll even take you if you have 2 left feet. Or maybe you like singing but only in the background- that’s OK, you are the one we are looking for! So please, we know you’re out there, join us here at GLT. We can use your voice, your feet, your song in our body of talent.

So while we look forward to Gretna Little Theater’s 2020 season we hope you will join us-as a performer or as a patron. Give us a shout out at Gretna Little Theater on FACEBOOK, or give us a call at (434) 656-2458. We will be thrilled to make your acquaintence!