Gretna Little Theatre is one of the few organizations that are still run completely by volunteers. There are so many ways for an individual to get involved at the little theatre. There are jobs such as hanging posters for productions, or look for our announcements for work parties and come for an hour or two and paint, clean, sort and organize. If you enjoy sewing, but don't wish to take on the job of costuming, we always need people who can sew a costume or two, or maybe just hem and mend some costume pieces. Are you an artist? Maybe you would like to paint a scene on a wall or canvas or help with set painting.

If your interests are more than just a few hours, there are even more ways to get involved. Maybe you want to learn about the technical parts of theatre such as lights, designing and building sets, props, etc. Maybe you enjoy tinkering and fixing things — maintenance of our building is a huge job and is often managed by only a few people.

Cast & Crew of The String of Pearls

You don’t have to be an actor or director to get involved — there is so much more to the theatre.

If you are interested in acting, we encourage you audition for a part in one of our upcoming shows. Start small and work your way up to the big roles.

We have a variety of building projects that need attention as well as an endowment fund we wish to keep growing. Our productions make enough money to keep the theatre operational. In order to continue to improve our technology and building, we need money from outside sources. If you would like to donate to the Gretna Little Theatre, we invite you to contact us.

You can see that there is a place for anyone who wants to get involved. We have so many ways for you to use your skills other than  just on stage! So, consider giving some time to one of the last “all-volunteer” organizations!

No matter how much or how little you want to be involved, the Gretna Little Theatre needs you and appreciates your hard work!

Her Majesty's Rejects; Malcolm Hofmann, Maggie Greer, David Hudson
with Board Member Jeff Bailess

For More information on volunteering please call us @ 434-656-2458 and leave a message or email us at gretnalittletheatre101@gmail.com